A Message from Ashley / Topicthread Founder

Please accept this week’s personal message from Dr. Berge, our Founder at Topicthread!

Thank you so much for reading! As touched on last week, being “new” in a world full of TECH GIANTS, Topicthread has an uphill battle, though with causes like FREE Education and, FREE Health and Wellbeing initiatives, Topicthread is here to help.

Topicthread sets out to provide a SAFE place for ALL, including our Domestic Violence, Anti-Troll and Cyber Bullying initiatives, that fall under our zero-tolerance policy to protect our users — putting our users as priority makes all of this a reality.

But, I’m personally emailing you for your help. Every user that makes the switch to Topicthread makes our worldwide initiatives one-step closer to being available, for all. Our timeline showcases our UA2E pending rollout dates. The best part? We’re only just beginning.

The past week has seen an article on Topicthread featured at my alumni — to check it out, simply click here 🙂 Topicthread has made its way into varied places the past couple of months (we’re still crawling!) and I’d genuinely like to ask you to join me on Topicthread, and of course, your friends and family, too!

Thank you for reading, and if you would like to personally get in touch with me, find me on Topicthread under Dr. B, or simply reply to this email and one of our Team will pass your details onto me, personally.

With genuine thanks,

Dr. B