Have you ever thought about the impact cyber bullying has on your friends, colleagues, children, nieces, nephews — essentially, everyone you know or come across, including yourself? A not-so “fun fact” is that near every person you come into contact with has experienced some form of cyber bullying.

Topicthread is taking a stand

Social applications can be inclusive and supportive communities — without the hate, trolling and bullying. We can remove cyber bullying together. Although Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a strew of other social applications tolerate a significant quantity of bully-behaviour, Topicthread is fighting back for those with a voice, not being heard.

A social application with kindness

Together we can make a difference. Topicthread stands to protect our users with a zero-tolerance policy. The time has come for a genuine social application — kindness over hate — that’s what Topicthread is about. No advertising. No harm. Health access. Education access. A safe place to call home online. Genuine people sharing genuine things.

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