A Western Alternative and Friend Haven for All

Are you like us and a little tired of opening up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or a strew of other apps just to catch up with your social connections? From a social presence stretched between three apps to more than a dozen for many, Topicthread delivers the one epicentre — harnessing the big guys to make this come to life.

A Western Alternative to China’s Dominating Tencent

Topicthread can be likened to what Tencent has done for the Chinese market — an offering of “all-in-one” delivered to its users. But Topicthread stands a part — not only as an “all-in-one” too, yet to be afforded to the western world, but an ecosystem that is set to deliver much more *ping* health and education access.

A haven that delivers

Flexibility to choose. Freedom delivered. Friends under one roof opposed to the three to a dozen apps. Topicthread stands firm on its haven for all — a no harm baseline for a sincere social app with our high school students for free availability. Are you a high school student or know one that would benefit from a free subscription? Reach out to us at tt@topicthread.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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