Agency Business Interest

At Topicthread we’re persistently evolving with and for our users, and the past week has been no different with the launch of Project Hero.

As an Agency, Topicthread would like to share Project Hero with you, and if of interest, simply allocate your Agency as a Hero:

  • Who? All Topicthreaders are eligible to become a Hero.
  • What? A dedicated $100M Fund to give back to our worldwide community.
  • Why? Opposed to allocating this fund just for businesses to help Topicthread spread the good news that we’ve arrived as the World’s Newest Social Network, putting our users 1st, including their safety, security and privacy, Topicthread opted to create Project Hero to help our worldwide community directly benefit, in real dollars.

Topicthread is incredibly excited about its World 1st’s and Project Hero is no different. Simply become a Topicthreader (it’s free to begin) and head to Project Hero to request becoming a Hero. It’s that simple. Have 10,000 clients who join your Agency as a Topicthreader? That’s $10,000.00 for the year, for your Agency. For more, please see Project Hero on Topicthread, or you can directly email for respective steps.

For more about us, simply head to Topicthread or simply click here to join us. A little unsure, our CEO has opened up her email for double-checking and re-checking, and further reassurance: Dr. A. Berge can be reached at ****, or if you have an enquiry you’d like the Team at Topicthread to get back to, simply email

Happy Topics & Threading

The Topicthread Team