Another Data Leak from the Facebook Group and a Reminder We’re Here

Not that it’s anything out of the ordinary in 2019, but with another user data leak reported by one of the varied “apps” owned by Facebook, we wanted to persevere with highlighting a core reason why Topicthread was born — to protect you, current and/or future users no matter where you’re located (GDPR protected, or not) and to keep a firm and robust interface that disallows these leaks from occurring.

It’s the Apps, Not You

A core reason behind these leaks is a result of the various applications that are inadvertently tied to the backend of Facebook, or Instagram in this event, and its assorted “apps” that then find ‘back doors‘ on how to manipulate user information. There’s no doubt Facebook and it’s assorted applications have a robust network of security technicians and engineers handling these attempts, however, it’s a friendly reminder that the more non-compliant applications and/or ill-intended applications that are allowed into their backend and/or to connect in any way, shape or form, puts user data and privacy in jeopardy.

Not at Topicthread

A reason why Topicthread is not ‘tied’ to Facebook or it’s variety of other applications such as Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp, and does not use the now infamous ‘Facebook Login‘ is for this very reason — a double edged sword, if you like, to protect users from the pitfalls that continue to shadow the Facebook Group. Topicthread, after all, was built for you, for users all around the world to experience the quintessential difference, without all the noise, whilst pushing the world in a better direction for all to prevail.

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