Australia catches China, Russia leaves North America’s Facebook behind

As a social network user, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest or a slew of others, cyber security is a real concern as with the presence of user safety when using these networks. Topicthread understands this and is why we’ve taken the next step to advance our interface — a Social Compilation that is housed inside an ecosystem for users to thrive — to the next level as we catch China’s “social network” in WeChat, or Russia’s “social network” of choice, VK.

Australia’s has its Own

Developed in Australia, Topicthread is not only for Australian’s, but social users who are tired of their data being harvested and sold to the highest bidder when it comes to advertising and generating shareholder revenue. Topicthread is different. Placing users first with cyber safety and cyber bullying on this rise, Topicthread is an ecosystem built for users to thrive. Where data harvesting does not exist — advertisements are no more; a pure and refined Social Compilation that protects its users every step of the way.

Why does China and Russia have their Own?

Simple. With government support and/or endorsement, WeChat and VK have been able to put its users in a tighter environment. But, Topicthread is one step ahead. No government controls nor incentives, as with interference — none of that at Topicthread. With our health and education initiatives, Topicthread is the 1st in the World to house the architecture to deliver for its users, and that’s where you come in — join us (if not a Topicthreader already) and help us continue to make waves whilst everyone else is swimming.

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