Bananas. Caterpillars. Strawberries. Lollipops?


This week we’re reaching out to ask for your thoughts, ideas, and perhaps feedback, if we may. As the Team behind Topicthread (the World’s Newest Social Network), we’re finding it quite the challenge to get users, just like you, to make the switch to a safer and secure network. Again, if we may, can we ask what’s holding you back? There’s no right or wrong answer — but by helping us know why, we hope to address it to allow the Team to work towards making this switch easier.

Why was Topicthread developed? It’s rather simple. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness so we built in a zero-tolerance policy to PROTECT users. This includes from Trolls, Bullies and not limited to, current and past offenders.

Also, with a habit for all of us taking notes — this was built in — both public and personal. As was the want to publish content — but for all to access. Same goes for the typical networking ‘feeds’ — just without the noise. To us, that meant no ads. Also, we thought it should be available for users to delete their information without needing permission — so you can do that, too. No copies kept. If a user wants to delete their account, go for it! Though we do hope you come to love Topicthread and stay.

Did we mention the invite feature? Topicthread has no ties to other networks to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. So, in order to bring on over your friends and/or colleagues, you can simply send them an invitation via email — it’s that simple!

At the end of the day, we would love to hear your thoughts. Even better if you find the time to sign up to Topicthread! Remember, the first 2 Weeks are completely free, no strings attached. Thereafter, every users helps bring our global Education and Health initiatives to life.

We genuinely hope to see you on Topicthread, and to hear your thoughts. Until then, we really appreciate your time, and allowing the Team to ask for your thoughts and feedback — we genuinely hope to also see you on Topicthread, too.

That’s all from us this week. Want your friends & colleagues to know about Topicthread & try it with you? Simply share this email, or if you’re a Topicthreader already, you can invite them directly from your profile!