Berge’s Topicthread: Privacy for All, to counter Zuckerberg’s Facebook

Do you ever get the itch to delete all traces of your social lives, meanwhile wishing it wasn’t so complicated or near impossible to do from the current social trends? Rest assured, Topicthread has not only evolved into a social alternative, but offers its users a privacy for all stance — where users can be hidden, and not found paired with the option for users to remove all of their data with a simple click, no waiting or permissions required.

Berge to counter Zuckerberg

What’s Up is a global newsfeed — Topicthread style, now open for all. Groups, Document upload/download/sharing to Topics and Threads throughout, Topicthread delivers an alternative with a premise: open for all, without the data mishaps. All the whilst being based on the other side of the equator, far from the Silicon Valley community. An Australian touch on how social should be.

A new take on Subscription

Whether it be one of our memberships (paid) that offer access to everything inside Topicthread, we’ve now put a new spin on what a subscription stands for — free access to What’s Up, the central global feed of Topicthread. What does this mean? Anyone can view What’s Up by a simple free account — no need for a membership. Whilst for our members, we’re delivering more — from file sharing to private business networks — we’re moving with you.

That’s all from us this week. Want your friends & colleagues to know about Topicthread & try it with you? Simply share this email, or if you’re a Topicthreader already, you can invite them directly from your profile!