Business Interest: Project Hero

As a Business Owner, Founder, CEO’s and/or Entrepreneur, we have a few things in common, and I wanted to personally email you about Project Hero and how we can do some good, together.

My name is Dr. Ashley M. Berge, the Founder & CEO of Topicthread (please feel free to email me personally at ****) and I’m sending this ‘shout out’ to encourage you to get on board.

Why should you consider getting on board? Project Hero is a $100M fund open worldwide. This means you and/or your business can directly receive from the Project Hero fund.

Your clients have a win! Your business/company in turn can also share this with your clients i.e. As a business, you may have 10,000 clients join you on Topicthread, and one of your clients may respectively, have 10,000 friends they have join them on Topicthread. This total $10,000.00 each — for your business/company, and for your client. It’s a win for you, and for your clients.

This is crazy? I know it’s a lot. Trust me, $100M is a heck of a lot. But, at Topicthread we have 2 core initiatives: Education and Health. Topicthread is going to make Education FREE Worldwide and accessible directly from Topicthread. Also, Topicthread is going to rollout FREE Health initiatives Worldwide, directly from Topicthread. And all it takes is a simple uptake of users to in turn benefit. So, I need your help. And in turn, we’ve opened up this $100M fund to directly give back to each and every person who helps us bring out initiatives to light.

For more about us, simply head to Topicthread or simply click here to join us. A little unsure, you have my personal email for further reassurance, or if you have an enquiry you’d like the Team at Topicthread to get back to about Project Hero, simply email

Please consider joining me on Topicthread & becoming one of our Heroes!

Dr. A. Berge

Founder & CEO of Topicthread