Business to Business: Are you in?

Calling all fellow Female & Male power-houses…

No matter if your business is just scratching the surface (we can all relate!) or, you’ve seen superb growth and your business is flourishing, we all having something in common. I’m calling on that commonality here and asking all females, and males, to help another/a female…do some good!

Topicthread is the World’s Newest Social Network
1st developed by a female (that’s me, Dr. Ashley M. Berge)

What’s in it for your business/organisation?
As a thank you, upon signing up to Topicthread, I’ll personally:
Get my team to create your own Business Group on Topicthread — whether that be private or personal, on your request.
If you would like to sign up to Project Hero, every client you bring on over to Topicthread, we’ll reward you directly in real dollars (please see Project Hero for more details), helping your business financially.
A special code has been generated to make sure the 1st 4 months (normally 2 months) is absolutely FREE for everyone — simply click here and choose Invitation Topic. You’ll then be asked for a code — simply enter GIRLPOWERTHXDRB valid until the 31st of July. The best part? After 4 Months, you’ll then be able to switch to our Quarter to Quarter subscription that gives an extra 2 months FREE. As a thank you, business to business, that’s 6 months in total FREE — no strings attached.

Some of Topicthread’s primary initiatives include:

Making education FREE worldwide, right from inside Topicthread.
Making healthcare FREE worldwide, starting with Wellbeing initiatives inside Topicthread.
Project Hero: giving back to users, rewarding them in real dollars for referring their friends — a part of our $100 Million commitment to our Heroes.
Data security: Topicthread has no ads, keeping a tight-knit platform putting our users first.
I’ve personally come across your businesses premise, by hand, and am reaching out to you…

can you help a girl out?

I’d really appreciate it if you would consider taking a look at Topicthread, and even better, making the switch to the World’s Newest Social Network. If you have any queries, my direct email is: ****, or direct phone: ****, or if you’d like to double-check the ownership of Topicthread, simply head to ASIC and you can look us up — there’s nothing to hide here, just a genuine social initiative to help our world grow, evolve, and provide equality for all.

With tremendous thanks,

Dr. Ashley M. Berge
Founder & CEO

(a direct message from Dr. B)