Deleting Social Media but looking for a Genuine Community?

It’s Dr. B here from Topicthread, a social community (or, ecosystem) I founded for a safer and securer user experience. What was wrong with the others? Well, talk about timing (although not pre-empted) — it was really because a family member’s account was hacked and nothing was done about it.

Before this, I was like most people not thinking it’d happen “to me” or those I knew, so couldn’t be that bad — but, when it did happen (and does) it isn’t a nice experience.

Topicthread was developed with a difference. I didn’t want to miss out on what we were use to, so made sure we still had access to those ‘tools’ — but amped up the “good stuff” — the genuine side of social, and considered how much “good” we can do together. That’s where our initiatives came into play.

Enough of that for now. Next time you go to login to your social network of choice, if I may ask, please consider typing in and taking a peak.

We do have some high protective barriers in place for user safety — but once you’re in, please come and say “hi” — the more the merrier. Oh, and there is a small subscription fee (after the first eight weeks), but if you do choose to say “hi” I’ll be sure to wave that for the year if you could please mention you received this email.

A big warm thank you for reading, and I genuinely hope to see you on Topicthread soon.

Dr. B

Founder & CEO of Topicthread


(a direct message from our founder)