Entrepreneurs now have a Founders Space to Call Home

Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon all have one thing in common, along with a significant number of niche Founders around the world — they all started somewhere. Founders are the lightbulbs of new technology meanwhile the tech scene arguably resonates with many based on familiarity — daily use.

An easier transition for entrepreneurs

Never will an entrepreneur put easily and it’s namesake in the same sentence, yet we’ve done something to make the Founder journey a little more social. Topicthread now has a Space for Founders to call home — not to mention the use of ThreadDoc to store and/or compile and collaborate documents.

A step in the right direction

With social at the forefront and health and education at our core, rolling these initiatives out are vital to the development of users around the world. So whether you are a Founder already or an aspiring entrepreneur, this Space is for you! Neither? No problem. Sit back and enjoy the ride of what Topicthread’s Founder has in store for you come 2019.

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