Fan Subscriptions on Facebook v. Project Hero’s 100M Cause

Slowly but surely platforms, interfaces and networks around the world are finding ways for its users to win, financially, whilst also pocketing the rewards at the expense, too often, of user privacy. Facebook’s latest attempt to join the ranks of YouTube, Twitch and Patreon (owned by YouTube) to take on the subscription and fan business comes with a hidden price to be paid.

Your Content in Facebook’s Control

With the spike in data regulatory mishaps, which contributed to the robust security and privacy measures embedded inside Topicthread, and for its users, Facebook content providers have every right to be weary to ensure their content stays inside their control. On the flip side, it’s just another model taken on by Facebook, similar to those offered by YouTube, Twitch and Patreon — unlike Facebook, unscathed when it comes to the handling of user data and associated leaks.

Hero to the Rescue

There’s more than one way for users to make a business from and inside a platform, interface or network, and Topicthread has the answer to ensure users continue to win, without compromise — and more value. Whilst other Fan Subscriptions rely on users opting in to become a Fan of a users page, Topicthread works as a whole — for everyone. For every “Fan” (Subscribed Topicthreader or Member) a user at Topicthread (active Subscriber or Member) is actively responsible for joining Topicthread, that user can earn up to AU$1.00 per year that the user remains a Subscriber or Member. If a user has a page with 500,000 Fans and brings them over to Topicthread, that $500,000 for that user. More? If you’re a Fan of a page (not a page owner), for example, and have 1,000 friends that join you on Topicthread, that’s $1,000 for you. At Topicthread, we work together to ensure all users get to win. To get started, simply become a Hero.

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