Your Questions, Answered

Q. What does Topicthread stand for?

A. The name ‘Topicthread’ was derived from our core feature — Topics that users are encouraged to ‘post’ and ‘submit’ in the respective Groups, and in turn, all users are then able to develop and build their own Thread to the Topic. Every user has the freedom to post their Topics — although as part of our security measure, all Topics are monitored by Topicthread before being made Live for Threads to develop.

Q. Why do I keep seeing Science, Sport, Social and Groups, Topics, Threads?

A. The nuts-and-bolts of Topicthread is the use of: Science — a scientific approach forms the backbone of the Social Network to ensure the user comes first, whilst embedding Science in the very core of Topicthread ensuring content shared (Topics) is genuine, opposed to the spreading of false information and/or news — an underlying reason behind the incorporation of Science; Sport — a vehicle to bring users closer together (and a key proponent of the delivery of UA2E); Social — forging a community that is based on its users where Topicthread grows and evolves with its users, not the other way around; Groups — a place for communities to gather, develop and prosper; Topics — for all users to put their thoughts, ideas and/or questions out to their respective groups for further insights; Threads — the end-result of the Topics shared and for users to generate content together, no matter the Topic at hand.

Together, Science, Sport, Social form the precedent, whilst Groups, Topics, Threads are the foundations of the precedents in action — being brought to life.

Q. What do I do once I have logged in?

A. On the desktop site you will notice the RIGHT hand drop down menu; and on mobile, this will be on the RIGHT, too, denoted by a ‘user icon’. Click on your profile, your account, your activity, your inbox — whatever you may choose — this is your starting point to access what Topicthread has to offer depending on your Membership or Subscription.

Q. Why does Topicthread cost after the 2 Weeks has expired?

A. As a result of Topicthread not using third party adverts to fund the Social Ecosystem, nor does Topicthread allow Spam and user privacy to be put at risk, Topicthread has a different Business Model, and this is centred on user control. By asking users to pay from US$0.88 weekly, Topicthread not only remains independent, but Topicthread is also able to deliver on its core objectives in Health & Education — all included in a Topicthread Membership. Not ready to commit? Topicthread has subscription models that offer access to our core news feed, What’s Up, whilst to access our other features a small cost contributes to our independent infrastructure.

Universal Access to Education (UA2E) means that Topicthread is playing its part on closing the digital divide and providing education (and resources) to girls & boys around the world; and, adults (e2), professionals, and all else in between wishing to access years 1 through 12 Curriculum, and over time, Tertiary level education (e2) — right from their Social Ecosystem. The best part? It is all from AU$1.24 weekly (US$0.88). This means for less than a coffee a month, each user is playing their role in helping Topicthread deliver worldwide — built for its users, with its user in mind.

Q. My 2 weeks has now expired and my account says Pending — what do I do?

A. After your FREE 2 weeks has expired you will notice under your Account that you have a Pending payment for your Topicthreader Subscription — however, you can opt to change to Yearly, or Monthly, directly inside your account. Scroll down and you will see an Invoice#. Click on this Invoice# and it will directly lead you through to PayPal to proceed with your payment. It’s that simple. You may notice under Your Membership a Pending option — once clicked it will take you back to the same page — this is because your Membership or Subscription is still payable (pending). Again, simply scroll down to Invoices and click on the Invoice# to be directed to the PayPal secure page.

Q. Why do you use PayPal?

A. At Topicthread we wanted to ensure we offered a secure and reliable payment method that gave the user extra assurance. This resulted in us opting to use PayPal over other methods — including direct Credit Card payments, to provide that extra element of security and peace of mind. Topicthread does not have access to any of your financial details — this is all handled by PayPal to reassure users, again, that your security is of utmost priority and is in safe hands through PayPal. We look to integrate a cryptocurrency solution in the near future.

Q. Why should I move to Topicthread as my Social hub?

A. Let’s be honest — Topicthread may not be for everyone, and a result of our core objective in closing the digital divide and rolling out UA2E, e2 and our Health initiatives, there is a cost involved. This means unlike the other Networks that are “free” to use — there is always a cost, which is reflected in your privacy and overall safety being placed at risk to third party software. Topicthread opted for a different approach with user security and safety as key. This means from $14.99 a quarter, users can regain control of their accounts, whilst contributing to our core objectives. And the best part? Education and Health will be available for ALL users at no additional cost. Any courses made available prior to this are ‘additional’ and contribute directly towards the rollout of our initiatives sooner, rather than later.

Q. What’s the difference between ‘What’s Up’ and ‘Pic Me’?

A. ‘What’s Up’ is a Network feature that let’s users see what every user has posted — a universal feature. ‘Pic Me’ is the same — but with the pictures (Gallery’s) that have been created. These are all accessible under their respective ‘tabs’ — however if a user makes their Gallery and/or ‘Status’ (What’s Up) private, it is only for the user to see.

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