Google+ down, Portal opens, Instagram goes offline, Topicthread firm

Its been a wild few weeks in the tech space with Topicthread standing firm on its arrival.

News of the latest user data leak, this time by Google+ then news spreading of their Artificial Intelligence use and alignment with possible defence contracts — concern for users all round.

The Facebook Portal attempting to bring their community closer — but no where do they say your mobile number on either Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram can track (and sync) user behaviour…that might need to sync in for a while!

There is a lot to worry about in Social Media and the data landscape…

Meanwhile Topicthread is firm on its premise — bringing “good” back to social and its relationships with meaningful issues:

Social + Health + Education

Creating a healthier place to call home online with the added security and safety of its users. That’s Topicthread with its doors open — independent from the conglomerates, built for the people to address real-world problems faced by us all: social, education, and health under the one roof — without the data misalignments.

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