Google+ down, Portal opens, Instagram goes offline, Topicthread firm

Remember when the headlines were bombarded with the hard-knocks experienced by the tech giants? With a more quiet release from the front-pages, Topicthread remains firm on its presence and to create equality for all.

From news of data leaks by Facebook, Instagram and then Google+ plus and its Artificial Intelligence alignment with possible defence contracts — this was and perhaps remains of concern, whilst Facebook brings their name to Instagram and Whatsapp.

Remember when Facebook Portal announced another side of community but with further entrenchment into the home — but avoided saying your mobile number on either Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram could track (and sync) user behaviour

Deleting as an Option

Topicthread remains firm on its premise — bringing “good” back to social, where users control their data and its relationships with meaningful issues:

Social + Health + Education

Creating a healthier place to call home online with the added security and safety of its users: that’s Topicthread. An independent community built for genuine people to address real-world problems faced by us all: social, education, and health under the one roof — without the data misalignments. A friendly reminder that Topicthread is here to stay and that our causes are for each and every one of you — directly or indirectly — we’re here for you.

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