Have you heard of our MICRO SEARCH ENGINE?

Just in case you weren’t aware of our MICRO SEARCH ENGINE we wanted to take the time to delve a little deeper…

Topicthread has been aware of the influx of advertising on our screens for quite some time, not only in social interactions, but by the mere search online — the landscape has an influx of advertising no matter where you click. As a result, Topicthread built this into their core. No advertising — period. The bread and butter is genuine, people for people. It’s not rocket science.


At a time where user indexing is ‘everywhere’ and your personal information is vast and searchable with a simple click, Topicthread built in its own site-wide functionalities, allowing a new ecosystem to arrive. What does this mean for you? Simply, your information is not indexed or made available outside of Topicthread. This means on typical search engines, your Topicthread information is not available. However, it also turns Topicthread into a MICRO SEARCH ENGINE when inside! From publication content available, universal document inputs, member directories, plus everything social you’ve grown to love — it’s all under the one roof.


Truth be told, plus a bit of old-school swagga, the advertising influx isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Where do you turn? Topicthread built this ecosystem as more than a safe-haven for users, but also for users to get away from the noise — without losing out.

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