How Topicthread may have saved Elon 23M

How Topicthread may have saved Elon 23M

Fines have been the talk of town away from Topicthread so it was only right that we come out and say how…

Topicthread may have saved Elon 23M!

Gobsmacked the world-round, rest assured Topicthread is here to prevent instances like these. Mis-speaking on the odd occasion does happen — no one is perfect (are they?). Whether a certain tale be told on Topicthread, you always have the chance to press “delete” — or even worse, one too many — Delete Me! That’s Topicthread’s compliance with the GDPR — your right to be forgotten if you choose.

Topicthread does not keep your data (no thank you!)

In instances like Elon’s and getting a little typeset happy — Topicthread permits you to ‘rewind the clock’ — your data is yours and isn’t for anyone else to store, including us!  More? Topicthread believes in commonsense, so much so, when did “think before you read” (or believe) become the forgotten norm? Well, we’re bringing it back..

Hallelujah for commonsense, please!

Still unsure what Topicthread is or does? That’s what Quiz Me is here for. Want to take a public vote on Elon’s decision? That’s what SPROOKE has been designed for — an open public discourse.

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