Lego No More

Unless you’ve been living on Mars (one day, right?) you would have come across the word Blockchain. If you’re anything like us, the only blocks we’d heard of were the Lego kind. But, would you believe they’re actually related? Blockchain essentially is a framework in itself that runs on blocks, albeit quite a significant number, to perform a specific transaction. This world of intangible Lego-like blocks, houses your personal information — to an extent. There’s always a good version, and a not-so good reason.

Topicthread is intentionally not built on a blockchain — personal information in the wrong hands is risky business, and the use-case for blockchain is centred on its transactional use — therefore, it would be misused. Albeit, there will be those coming up using this model, it just isn’t what we’re about at Topicthread, in particular with our global education and health initiatives.

Cryptocurrency (not the blockchain itself), but rather its form of payment, allows people without access to a bank (i.e. those in remote parts of the world, or without access) to have ‘equal access’. Now, this is something Topicthread can get behind, and is working on doing.

No matter what blocks you’re familiar with, the Lego type, or now the blockchain, in one way or another, Topicthread will have you covered. Even now, you can start your own Lego-like build by building your topics, and housing your threads, all inside Topicthread.

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