Parents for the win to tackle cyber bullying

This week’s news goes out to the Parents across the globe — we hear you and we’re giving you the power. The birth of social brought the world closer together — yet now, is pulling it further apart with the risk of cyber bullying each and every day to children around the world. No one is excluded.

That is, until now

Topicthread is opening up its Groups to Schools with a core focus on Parents — to be heard, to have your voice, and stop cyber bullying in your community before it goes too far. After all, it’s your (their) children day in day out that are at the hands of those who partake in bullying their peers.

A rebirth with heart

The heart of the problem is empowering Parents — to inform them and give them the awareness needed. These Groups are made for you (them). Each respective School has their own unique Group to call home, address concerns as a community, and inform Parents openly, whilst Parents have a platform to be heard. Topicthread is committed to Universal Access to Education (UA2E) and this is just another milestone on its journey to deliver for a kinder and healthier world.

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