AUSTRALIA: Encryption is the *ping* word in the tech-space with user privacy demands becoming increasingly high with set expectations. Little does the majority know that a company can use the personal information of a user to “join the dots” and inadvertently opt for user tracking — at the same time employing encryption methods.

Users often provide a phone number inside their social accounts, for example, for genuine purposes i.e. to personally connect with their network. Yet, a simple phone number on >1 account that is owned by the same company — despite encryption methods, provides a loop hole, or back door.

Topicthread differs from the likes of Facebook.

Topicthread is independent and does not track user behaviour. For one simple reason, Topicthread names quite honestly, “they don’t need to” — with no advertising and user privacy as key, this is what they’ve built themselves around. Whilst account encryption has valid points of use, users need to be aware of, at times, its false sense of security.

Encryption does not stop the information exchange being shared by those privy to the conversation.

In other words, who you’re talking with or has access to your conversation, encrypted or not, can still share. Topicthread is transparent about their data use — near null, with their Privacy Policy keeping it simple — only the mundane information is kept to ensure you’re a valid user and not a hacker or spammer allowing Topicthread to keep their network clear of unwanted harm towards it users. More? It’s completely free to get started.