AUSTRALIA: Eleven months ago data privacy and tech was the hottest topic for discussion, yet not much has changed in the way users handle and share their data with another on the cusp of a complete spill. Fan Subscriptions have become a thing from its introductory days at YouTube to then Twitch and Patreon, with Facebook now coming to the table. *Red alert* for data authorities as content providers near a slippery slope. But there’s a way around it all without “FOMO“.

1 User, 1 Dollar

Fan Subscriptions come with its own set of rules, whether 5% (Patreon) or Facebook’s potential 30% stake in a users/content providers Fan Subscription earnings. Topicthread, to the contrary, works with users and treats its users as a whole — in contrast to being singularly dependent on accruing individuals. Every Member at Topicthread gets access to all users and all content — rather than merely an individual. For every Member an active Topicthreader (Member at Topicthread) brings over, and stays, that user earns up to $1.00 per year i.e. if a user has 50,000 Fans and brings them over to Topicthread as a Hero, that’s $50,000 — no strings attached.

A 100M Cause

With data privacy a key metric of networks and interfaces around the world, Topicthread opted to take a stance and created Project Hero. The 100M initiative is set to go directly to its users. Whether a user has 50,000 Fans they bring over to Topicthread, or the guy next door with 1,000 Friends brings them all over — that’s $50,000 and $1,000 respectively. No percentage taken. Just a simple Membership or Subscription to Topicthread — which ultimately gives users access to everything they know from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and DropBox like features, with a twist, all under the one roof. After all, Topicthread is a Social Compilation with the Architecture to Disrupt the Future and Project Hero is just another step in that direction.

Contact: Dr A Berge