AUSTRALIA: “Going to the Polls” is an expression that comes to light at that time of year when an election is around the corner. Social platforms have increasingly become a part of the election race with candidates up for election using these platforms in varied ways — ethically, and not so ethical.

News polls are no different, nor rating or any other “poll” where people get to vote. However, trustworthy polls where data isn’t manipulating user behaviour and/or their ultimate decisions, is scarce to find — particularly in an online social interface.

No algorithms, advertising or click-bait to misinform

Topicthread, a social compilation with the infrastructure to disrupt the future, has recently added SPROOKE (‘Poll Me’) to their already multifaceted social interface. To begin, Topicthread hopes to use SPROOKE simply for user approachability. Most importantly, one of Topicthread’s features is Delete Me, which means if a user participates in SPROOKE but decides they want to withdraw any trace of their visit, they can with a simple click. No data harvesting at Topicthread.

From Quiz Me and Publications open for all on Topicthread, and now ‘Poll Me’ (SPROOKE), Topicthread is a true social compilation with the infrastructure to disrupt the future with its sights set on opening up Health and Education throughout the world.