Please see the (off-format) Press Release to follow for your consideration:

EUROPE: GDPR compliance is meant to be in full swing with data harvesting in the past, but have you tried to download your data (yet) and if so, it is as transparent as you would like?

UNITED STATES: Not privy to the rights of the European neighbours, if you’re a social media user here, there’s a very good chance that what’s been put in front of you isn’t authentic — that’s to say, algorithms work their magic and make sure you see what ‘they’ want you to see.

AUSTRALIA: Two steps forward, one step back, often how it seems when it comes to social media use and its uptake. Yet, tucked away on the Gold Coast and built for market disruption is Topicthread. GDPR rules don’t apply here, and algorithms are still at work — but, not on Topicthread. Authenticity has arrived.

Whether you’re based in Europe, the United States, or in Australia, a solution has arrived. Topicthread allows users to delete “all” of their data and leave no trace. And you don’t even need their permission. The question that arrives is, do you care enough about your own data, and how it’s being used against you, to do anything about it?

Contact: DR. A BERGE