Project Hero

A Topicthread initiative to help drive the new kid on the block, Topicthread, and that we’re here to give back to our global community. Project Hero [otherwise known as Topicthread’s ‘rewards referral project’] affords Topicthreaders from all around the world to become a Hero and be rewarded by Topicthread, simply for sharing the news that Topicthread has arrived.

Get Paid to Play & be a Hero

Topicthread provides a new social media experience for all, under one roof, whilst ensuring each and every user plays their part in making the world a better place. To do this, Topicthread has two core initiatives: Education (UA2E) and Health. However, in order to rollout these respective initiatives, Topicthread is asking for your help: share the good word that Topicthread is here and all approved Hero’s will be rewarded up to AU$1.00 for every user with no limit.

Want to become a Hero and earn real rewards? At Topicthread we want to share with the whole world, that a safer and secure platform now exists, for all! But, we’re still only crawling and need your help!

Project Hero’s $100,000,000.00 Cause!

To get started and become a Hero, simply enable the links for your account and enter your PayPal email address below. But, be sure to read our rules first! If your request to become a Hero is approved, you’ll be notified by the team at Topicthread, on Topicthread!

Have 10,000 friends that join Topicthread because of you? In turn, that’s AU$10,000.00 Hero dollars!

A grand total of AU$100,000,000.00 is set aside for Project Hero to make a real difference whilst going directly to our worldwide community.

Project Hero Rules:

  1. To be eligible (and therefore approved) as a Hero, you need to be a valid Topicthreader Member and to remain a Topicthreader i.e. to maintain an active membership. If you cancel your Membership at Topicthread, you will cease being eligible to earn Hero dollars.
  2. Project Hero is Topicthread’s redesign of a ‘rewards referral project’. This means that as a Hero you refer your friends to Topicthread — it’s that simple. At Topicthread we value this referral process that much, Project Hero was launched: to us, each and every one of our users is a Hero for simply referring their friends to join them, and us, on Topicthread. By becoming a Hero, you understand that Project Hero is a streamlined initiative that says ‘thank you’ to our Hero’s, in real dollars, by referring your friends to Topicthread.
  3. Topicthread offers a FREE trial period for all new users. Hero dollars take affect only after this trial has lapsed and a user officially becomes a Topicthreader i.e. by paying their initial membership/subscription (ongoing) and/or annual membership. If a user subscribes to Topicthread, however, after their trial opts not to pay their subscription and/or membership, this means they’re no longer an eligible Topicthreader and therefore are not eligible to contribute towards Hero dollars.
  4. How do you get your friends that have signed up to Topicthread, to stay? That’s simple! Topicthread is the World’s Newest Social Compilation and all you need to do, is to ensure their experience on Topicthread is just that: an experience! This means engage with your community, just like any ‘other’ platform, and in time, we hope all users make the switch to Topicthread!
  5. Payment: Topicthread offers two primary subscriptions and one membership. Hero dollars are rewarded as follows: 3 Month Premium Membership (formerly Quarter to Quarter): AU$0.25c per quarter per user (up tp AU$1.00/yr); and our Premium Annual Membership (formerly Yearly Membership): AU$1.00 per year per user (total of AU$1.00/yr). By default, all new users are offered our 3 Month Premium Membership, however they can opt into another subscription/membership at any time. Every Hero dollar begins once a user passes their trial period, and opts in to become a paid Topicthreader.
  6. To track and/or access your progress, simply head to My Hero Details to see how you’ve been progressing. All Hero dollars will be paid at the end of every month once the total has exceeded AU$1.00. This means, if your account has reached AU$0.50c it will continue to accumulate Hero dollars until you have reached AU$1.00. The minimum limit has been set to ensure approved Hero’s still benefit whilst complying with PayPal terms of payment i.e. see here for a breakdown of PayPal based fees that start from AU$0.33c per transaction. Put simply, a Hero that has earned AU$1.00 would receive, after their respective PayPal fees, approximately AU$0.67c. To the contrary, if a Hero has earned AU$100.00, after PayPal transactions, the total received would be approximately AU$97.10c following PayPal payment terms.
  7. All approved Hero’s are at the discretion of the Project Hero team at Topicthread. If your account becomes barred, blocked or removed, you will no longer be eligible to be a Hero. Topicthread reserves the right to remove a Hero from Project Hero at any time. If the Terms and Conditions of Topicthread are violated, this will see an automatic removal of your account as per the Terms and Conditions accepted.
  8. Project Hero is open worldwide to all users who have a valid PayPal account. Unfortunately, if you do not have a valid PayPal account you’re ineligible to join Project Hero. PayPal is used for the safety and security of all Hero’s involved in Project Hero and to ensure all Hero dollars sent are done so in a safe and secure manner.
  9. What’s next? Sign up to join Project Hero and if your request is approved, you will be set to go and earn Hero dollars! All Hero dollars are in Australian Dollars (AUD), however your respective currency and/or fees for conversion are a direct result from PayPal. Unfortunately, Topicthread has no control over these rates. Therefore, by signing up to Project Hero you understand that Topicthread is in no way affiliated with PayPal, rather Topicthread uses PayPal as a service to send Hero dollars to its respective Heroes.


Think you’ve got what it takes to join Project Hero? Simply sign up and agree to our terms to get started. To Become a Hero, simply click here, or to access My Hero Details, please head here. Not a Topicthreader, yet? Simply click here to join us & become eligible to become a Hero.