Science Continues to Lead the Way at Topicthread

This week we’re going to use the wonders of the Big Bang Theory to highlight 💡 the wonders of science and how it directly relates to the foundations of Topicthread. For instance, did you know, just like Big Bang Theory crew, Topicthread stemmed 🌻 directly from the scientific outputs 📖 of AM8 International‘s publications.


Too often science 👨‍🔬 is filled with jargon that rarely can be directly applied to the real-world. But, as Topicthread’s founder discovered, this isn’t always the case. With AM8 International a partner of Topicthread, their scientific discoveries 😯 formed the backbone of Topicthread, and continues to integrate its findings into the architecture 🏗 of and at Topicthread.

When Science Reins

Pending their next release with a whopping 6 Books to their name, AM8 International is bringing science to the real-world 🌏 — practically and pragmatically. Meanwhile, there’s no slowing down at Topicthread with our Courses 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 under way in collaboration with AM8 International to bring science, in a new light 🤫, to Topicthreaders around the world. Be sure to watch this space later in the year for its pending release.

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