Standing with our Neighbours in Blocking Content for Your Safety

A sobering week for content makers around the globe has hit home at HQ with our neighbours hearts alight. At Topicthread, we stand with you. A reminder why Topicthread’s design protects its users on one hand, whilst restricting content on the other — for safety, security, and to block any attempt of sharing harmful content. In other words, users on Topicthread are barred beforehand.

Blocking Content for Your Safety

Not only is safety a heightened issue, as with security, but its all-encompassing umbrella to keep a clean and genuine ecosystem. Topicthread isn’t a global favourite, yet, with its firm stance — placing users first. After all, it’s you Topicthread was and is built for, and without the influence of advertising networks or marketing schemes, Topicthread is able to keep is clean — affording users a platform well deserved.

Content that Counts

Whilst current platforms are set with ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion‘ — at Topicthread, we agree — providing it’s clean. In other words, aligning with our Terms & Conditions, all users are genuine — without the hate, without the bullying, and with the warmth, with the kindness, and simply with their neighbours in building a community for all.

Standing tall with our neighbours at HQ, it’s our commitment to remain robust, remain firm in our zero-tolerance policy, whilst doing our part to protect the global community for those who have no place inside our genuine network of people, the world ’round.

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