Tennis (Sport) is the Name of the Game

Summer is well under way in Australia, home to the HQ of Topicthread, and it’s either Tennis 🎾 or Cricket 🏏 that’s on the tips of any BBQ conversation.

100+ Sports Groups

Huh? 🤯 That’s right, Topicthread has a sports focus too with a primary emphasis on using sport to bring the world closer together through common interests. Whether it’s ⚽️or ⚾️, 🏀, 🏐, 🏈, 🥊, 🎳, 🥋, ⛳, 🎣, 🏂, 🚴‍♀️, 🏍, 🏎, 🧗‍♀️ or something else, Topicthread has you covered.

Serena, Rafa or Roger?

It’s no secret that our Founder breathes tennis on the sideline as an athlete 👟 explaining why our What’s Up feed 📰 has been filled with the latest hype from the 2019 Australian Open 🥁. Have a thought, opinion or favourite to share? Be sure to get amongst the discussions and join one of our Groups on Topicthread.

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