Time to Taste the Tangerine

We’re already into the 2nd month of 2019 🎉 and one of the Big 4 has had a significant privacy dilemma ⛔ affecting its users the world round. But, if you’re reading this there is a good chance you’re in the know of the privacy initiatives ✅ at Topicthread and how seriously we take data regulations 🧐.

Apple’s Catch 22

Whilst Apple unfortunately saw a software downfall leaving FaceTime users with their privacy ☠ on the edge, they’ve equally been at the forefront of user privacy. A Catch 22 with their latest data scare, it certainly put our Team on caution 📣 for their own use given Topicthread’s foothold on user privacy whether in Australia, Japan, the U.A.E or a GDPR regulated country 🌏.

Time for a Tangerine?

Not that Topicthread is synonymous with a Tangerine, but it seems to go hand-in-hand 🤝 with an Orange that is the same shape as an Apple but taste very different! Plus, it starts with a T like Topicthread, taking user privacy ☠ and security ✔ quite seriously. Excuse the ramble, but for example, did you know that all users and site visitors alike can delete any trace of their “howdy” with a simple click? If that’s not serious our inbox📩 is always open.

Whether it’s privacy at stake, a Topic ✏ on Oranges versus Apple’s and what’s a Tangerine plus its Thread 📝, your own compilation of ThreadDoc’s 🗂 or even your scheduled Appointment 📅 with the doctor, Topicthread is home to it all.

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