Topicthread Ahead of New Social Media Laws in Australia

A slight upheaval has been heard domestically and internationally with Australia’s latest laws to inflict social responsibility on Social Media giants and it’s platforms. Similar in stakes to the GDPR that came into affect in the EU mid-2018 it’s Australia’s time to crack down.

A Firm Hand for Safety

Rest assured, Topicthread already is ahead of the mess. Courtesy of our tight-knit security, privacy and safety policies, harmful content in any way shape or form is already disposed of to protect our users regardless if they are based in Australia or abroad. Whilst the majority use their accounts for good, those in the minority are under watch on Topicthread and if they break these policies you can be assured there is no home for them here.

Regulators & Us

It’s not you, it’s them. The new laws affect the builders and the makers — more regulations to protect users. This means for users more safety, security and peace of mind when using your favourite platform of choice. In the meantime to maintain assurance, if not on Topicthread already, join our fellow Topicthreaders for that quintessential difference — an ecosystem built for users with Health and Education access just another perk of making the switch.

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