What does Topicthread have that Facebook, Twitter & Google don’t?

It’s pretty exciting when the little guys can come up to the plate and stare down their competitors…It’s even better when you’ve got something they don’t have. For us at Topicthread, that’s access to a worldwide market — ensuring no one misses out.

Entry into the Chinese market is something the infamous tech-giants have struggled with over the years, meanwhile China boasts its own ‘all in one’ that brings these offerings together — and now, Australia + the rest of the world has Topicthread to toe the line. A little competition? Topicthread’s latest results show that we’re accessible in China, and the U.A.E (where the likes of Skype, among others, are continuously blocked). Topicthread is a compilation in itself, bringing the best parts of social together, and search — plus, we’re only just beginning.

Competition for both the US Market where China has a pivotal stake.

China has its own dominant social media moguls meanwhile the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google, plus many more, are barred. Topicthread directly presents as a competition to the Chinese market — something the “other guys” are yet to do. Accessible for all, no matter where you’re based in the world, Topicthread has a moral compass steered towards making the world a better place for all. Social privacy and safety are merely the start, where Topicthread is set to revolutionise Education and Health — long overdue. And it’s all housed inside Topicthread.

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