What’s the Social version of Netflix, Spotify, or Medium?

At Topicthread, we thought long and hard about this — what is a Social Compilation that has what you want, but also, doesn’t have the stuff you don’t like? After throwing a few hats (or balls) around the room, Topicthread was born…even better.

Hear us out…

A Social Compilation that has the “good stuff” and not the “bad” — like, the “info-war” saga, fake-news dilemma, and/or the advertising with user-manipulating algorithms.

What does Netflix, Spotify and Medium have in common (for the most part)? One subscription for their respective services. And that’s where Topicthread comes in — although, our 1st 2 Weeks are completely free (Membership). Subscriptions are FREE! Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and you’ll be surprised if not a subscriber or member already.

Interested in catching up on any previous publications? Simply head here and you’ll find them all open (and free!) to read through as you please.

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