What’s the Social version of Netflix, Spotify, or Medium?

At Topicthread, we thought long and hard about this — what is a Social Network that has what you want, but also, doesn’t have the stuff you don’t like? After throwing a few hats (or balls) around the room, Topicthread was born…even better.

Hear us out…

A Social Network that has the “good stuff” and not the “bad” — like, the “info-war” saga, fake-news dilemma, and/or the advertising with user-manipulating algorithms.

What does Netflix, Spotify and Medium have in common (for the most part)? One subscription for their respective services. And that’s where Topicthread comes in — although our 1st 2 Months are completely free. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and you’ll be surprised.

Interested in catching up on any previous publications? Simply head “here” and you’ll find them all open (and free!) to read through as you please.

The Topicthread Team

(on behalf of our founder, Dr. B)