NOT a take-over

Topicthread will not be “taking over” the typical education system. School is School. University is University. But, Topicthread is igniting change, and providing CHOICE, using Universal Accessibility to Education (UA2E) to revolutionise the way education is accessible. Topicthread is making available an “offshoot” that is optional for the student, learner, professional and/or individual regardless of their background, experience and/or level or area of expertise. This means, Topicthread will make Curriculum content accessible — as an integrated proponent inside our ten year pathway.

Examples of use

Universal Accessibility to Education (UA2E) examples of use include further knowledge accessible on content (i.e. current learning modules) in an interactive and social interface (medium). Over time, Topicthread will make its own counter-educative stance (Certificate, Diploma, Tertiary) accessible that can be directly correlated with Course Delivery and the Courses required to attain/achieve a specific level of qualification.

A New Approach

Topicthread will be revolutionising education through its own Topicthread-Qualifications and resources. This means, regardless where you are based in the world, UA2E will become a reality. No matter your socioeconomic background, education will be accessible. No longer will education come at the price of sacrifice — rather, a Universal cost of social that meets science, that uses sport to bring the world closer together, with a common progressive denominator in education, will remain at our core.




When will I have access?

Now. It has been ten years since the Social Networking phenomena hit the globe. Topicthread has been designed, and developed, to provide users with a CHOICE, whilst being mindful of the ever-changing needs and wants of our users. And this is why we have our three primary points of difference: Science, Sport & Social. An open Social Network for individuals throughout the world, Topicthread offers the Social interface the world has become accustomed towards — with one catch. No Spam! Plus Sport (optional). We’ve flipped it upside down.

A Different Concept

Opposed to building an entity based on typical business infrastructures such as advertisers, marketers and media features that users are exposed to throughout their Social Networking experiences, Topicthread has opted to say NO to SPAM. This means for a small cost, users can together take back their Social Networking experience. An added benefit to this is the genuine user experience — and by adding a small cost for all users, this in turn contributes towards a core global principle of closing the digital divide with UA2E -- a primary objective.

Where do we need to go?

Join Topicthread as a user with cancellations permitted at any time (for Subscribers). Topicthreaders have access to a Social Network (Topicthread) without the Spam, with more genuine interactions, countless features likened to social interfaces that have come before us, yet Topicthread now offers what all those before us have yet to deliver — the emergence of a Social Network with a core proponent of Science and Sport. Topicthread is where Science meets Social, and where Sport meets Science — for everyone. BUT, delivers everything you've become accustomed towards, inside the ONE Network.