Woman to Woman, from our Founder

A quick hello, and offer to your own respective communities, from our Founder at Topicthread…

First off the bat — thank you for opening this email, I’m already thankful to have you reading!

I’ll cut straight to the chase as I appreciate how precious time is for us all — I’d like to personally offer you, and ALL of your readership/community, a personal invitation from me, to you (and, extended to them), to join me on Topicthread.

What is Topicthread? It’s the 1st Social Network developed by a female…Welcome ladies! It is also the 1st Social Network to have a zero-tolerance policy. This means, no more Trolls, Bullies AND if and/or when reported, blocked offenders. Putting our users first, and indeed looking after fellow females, we believe Social Media has let this go, and it’s time to deliver more.

Topicthread includes ThreadDoc (create your own documents), Feeds (just like you’re use to), What’s Up, Pic Me, Publish Me (share your content), Invite via email (no third-party apps) whilst limiting the noise. To me, that meant no ads. More? I wanted to do something good…world changing…to close the digital divide. This meant finding a way to provide access to Education, for boys and girls, whether they’re in a third world, or first world country, to even the playing field. Topicthread is making this a reality!

BUT! And it’s a big BUT! We do need our users to help. Every user helps and brings us one step closer to delivering on our core initiatives.

Woman to Woman — can you, or rather, will you, help share the good word that Topicthread not only exists, but to encourage your community to come together on Topicthread?

Regardless of the outcome, I appreciate that you’ve read this far! I also hope to see you personally join me on Topicthread — the 1st 2 Months are covered, personally, by me as a thank you — and also as a way to have a look around, no strings attached.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on Topicthread. Oh, and for any queries at all, please feel welcome to get in touch with me personally at ****.

Dr. B / Ashley 🙂

Founder of Topicthread

Dr. Ashley M. Berge