Youth Awareness Calls for Fresh Start

The year has already started with a bang and well under way at Topicthread. From Health Appointments open (*ping* Performance) to our Education initiative under way to the Summer of Tennis 🎾 & Cricket 🏏 in Australia making headlines, what’s next for Topicthread?

Youth Awareness

Every now and then we like to remind Topicthreaders & soon-to-be Topicthreaders that not only has the team behind Topicthread built 🏗 a safe-haven of sorts online, but for Youth in particular without the hate 🚫.

Social Media Revenue 💰 Ahead of User Safety

The BBC has recently shared the alarming rates of “Social Networks” putting revenue dollars 💰 ahead of user safety with a spike in harmful content and youth harm 😥. This really grinds the gears of our Founder, Dr. Berge sharing “not only is this a pinnacle reason why Topicthread came to fruition, but also a place to show this can be stopped ⚠️ with a simple recipe of kindness to bring people together, without the schemes,” with an emphasis on our zero-tolerance policy that places users as number one🏆.

A Fresh Start

Being new 🥁 in a space dominated by Facebook and Twitter in particular, as well as Instagram, Topicthread is different 🎉 — but a little “walk around” time unravels our truck-load of features that keeps Topicthread as a genuine Social Compilation without the need for switching between *all* the apps. Do you know a Youth in your family, friends or community? This may very well be the best time to encourage them to take that fresh start & from us to you, by extension to them, Welcome 🤝 on board and enjoy the difference 🙌!

That’s all from us this week. Want your friends & colleagues to know about Topicthread & try it with you? Simply share this email, or if you’re a Topicthreader already, you can invite them directly from your profile!