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Built for Disruption, Topicthread is set to bring you Virtual Consultations with GP’s / MD’s coinciding with our Timeline. Until then, Book Me is Open for exclusive consultations with Dr. B, Founder of Topicthread, who is also the world’s leading scientist on athlete, and coach, performances. Details on Dr. Berge’s latest publication (March, 2019) and works can be found at AM8 International along with limited lengthier consultations.

Topicthread subscribers are eligible for one 15 minute screening per month for a limited time.

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SCIENCE SPORT SOCIAL A 12 Week Wellbeing Guide designed and developed by not only the world’s leading scientist on athlete performance, but Topicthread Founder, Dr. B, that almost lost everything at the hands of her failing health, prompting our CEO to knuckle down and unveil what it really takes, without the jargon or fallacies — … More information
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