Threader Run

Put together by Topicthread, the Threader Run is set for the last day of every second month. A health initiative to bring ‘us’ all together to log some kilometres (or miles) no matter the distance. In part with our Wellbeing Guide and its open releases throughout the year, from 10 to 30,000 copies for users, postage-only, this is your chance to put your work on display — whether just starting out, or an avid experienced runner, Threader Run is simple — run on your terms, for you, and set the example we all need and strive for — a healthier, and happier, life, for each and every one of us.

Can’t wait for our releases? Personally get in touch with Dr. B on Topicthread, and you may very well receive your own code as a thank you from us, to you, in wanting to tackle the Threader Run with all your might.

Book Me

Virtual Health and GP appointments coming soon! Check out our Book Me calendar as we move closer to opening it up. In the mean time, and as a thank you, we have a limited amount of appointments put aside weekly for Performance consultations — courtesy of our founder, Dr. B, who also happens to be a (former) international elite coach, whilst also holding the accolade (PhD) of identifying “how” to develop the best athletes, and coaches, in the world, which intrinsically formed the backbone of Topicthread with its transitionally applied cornerstone.

Universal Health Access

A 12 Week Wellbeing Guide designed and developed by not only the world’s leading scientist on athlete performance, but Topicthread Founder, Dr. B, that almost lost everything at the hands of her failing health, prompting our CEO to knuckle down and unveil what it really takes, without the jargon or fallacies — centred on optimal wellbeing with an end result of happiness.

The Secrets to Optimal Wellbeing is brought to us by an Official Partner of Topicthread, AM8 International, delivering what the industry hasn’t been telling you — Optimal Wellbeing without the fallacies tied to ‘simple science’ — delivering the truth behind how to grasp your health and take it by the reins — the end goal? Health AND Happiness. Forming a part of Topicthread’s Health initiativeThe Secrets to Optimal Wellbeing has been partially subsidised by Topicthread to reduce the overall cost of purchase for all Topicthreaders.

Keep an eye out on our Timeline for FREE releases of the text, no matter where you’re based in the world — and for a postage only cost — the text is all yours. Topicthread will give-away these texts in our effort to help Topicthreaders lead and live a healthier life without all the fads — simply down to business with a realistic approach.