After encountering false information and one too many false encounters and non-genuine interactions throughout the typical Social Networking experience, the idea was fathomed about what if the user was given back control? And even more so, what if users were able to access “real” Topics, and play a part in developing “real” Threads that were based on genuine thoughts, opposed to fiction?

The Social Market

Current Social Networks are varied world-wide with the number of these interfaces expanding annually. The most popularised Networks have typically been a “first” of their kind. From a Social Network interface that has taken the World by storm, through the brief comment and/or thought sharing, before the picture sharing interfaces came to be. These interfaces have also been met with story-sharing, images that depict stories, all the way down to video-snippets and their ultimate sharing.


From purely social spins, all the way through to professional pages and their respective Networks, the rise of the Social Network has been one of the biggest advances in Social interaction and the use of technology the World has ever seen. Common with advances is the ability to keep pace with user wants and needs, whilst managing their upkeep. It has become commonplace to manage this up-keeping with business-centred objectives — having the corporate and/or business centred market to pay to show and/or talk to the Social Network’s respective audiences without their (the users) permission.


With the objective of revolutionising education worldwide through our UA2E initiative AND e2 (our tertiary initiative), Topicthread has also committed to do likewise with Health (wellbeing). Topicthread will sponsor communities around the globe, from our Threader Run, all the way through to our UA2E rollout in communities without access. Every single Membership and Subscription at Topicthread goes towards the philanthropic causes Topicthread has identified as key areas to serve. Some of these additional organisations range from Research Centres, Domestic Violence Organisations, and Global Health Providers.