Encryption does not prevent user tracking

It has been a *firecracker* start to Q4 with revelations coming forward about the role of encryption in user accounts and the back doors that do exist. Fret not if you’re already on Topicthread, we’ve got your back! But, if you’re yet to join us, this is worthy of taking note

Encryption is False Safety

Social accounts often ask for your phone number for either verification and/or to further connect with the given network. Yet, a simple phone number on >1 account that is owned by the same company (for example, think Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram & a strew of others), whilst encryption may be employed on one of these social accounts, a loop hole, or back door does exist.

Topicthread differs from the likes of Facebook

Whilst account encryption has valid points of use, users need to be aware of, at times, its false sense of security. Encryption does not stop the information exchange being shared by those privy to the conversation, or the unknown eyes.

In other words, who you’re talking with or has access to your conversation, encrypted or not, can still share. Topicthread is transparent about our data use — near null, with our Privacy Policy keeping it simple — only the mundane information is kept to ensure you’re a valid user and not a hacker or spammer allowing us to keep the network clear of unwanted harm towards our users.

User tracking on Topicthread? Nope. We are independent. This means no account linking whatsoever.

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