None of that & that’s Not why it was built

If you’re like a lot of us, in those quiet moments (although, scarce) you’ll take a moment to check-in on your social media platform of choice and ‘catch up’ on what’s going on…not around you, but in the lives of those in your feed.

If you’re anything like the Team at Topicthread, seeing what’s going on in the order you’d like (chronological, yeah?) seems to be too much to ask — with both Facebook and Twitter disrupting this, and from experience, Instagram, too. As far as LinkedIn, don’t ask as we feel although it’s built for networking, everyone wants to connect to pinch our emails.

None of that at Topicthread. We built something we genuinely wanted, but wasn’t out there.

Topicthread was built for you — chronological and without the algorithms that say ‘read this’ or ‘read that’ — delivering what you love.

We’d love to hear from you — seriously, how has your week been going? And if you’ve any thoughts, ideas, or even wanting to ask some random questions, please feel welcome to ask — we’re a real team, behind a real company here to do some good! More good news? Our subscriptions are now completely FREE. This means you have access to Topicthread’s Global Feed: What’s Up, whenever, and wherever you like (yes, Topicthread is accessible in China).

That’s all from us this week. Want your friends & colleagues to know about Topicthread & try it with you? Simply share this email, or if you’re a Topicthreader already, you can invite them directly from your profile!