A Subscription that Could Change Our World

Subscriptions were rarely seen a few years ago and now they’re popping up everywhere from Apple to Google, Microsoft to Amazon, and the latest being Lyft and a threw of others. Topicthread is in good company — albeit lurking in the shadows, the intention is world-changing.

Topicthread uses a subscription model with a difference: to change our world

At Topicthread, we didn’t want a subscription to be “just another” — we were serious about addressing some of the biggest hurdles in the world today. Not only is cyber bullying (ping parents) of the utmost importance at Topicthread, but so is equality.

Making education and health accessible and affordable is yet to be done in this lifetime. So, Topicthread has taken it upon themselves to make this a reality. That’s why at Topicthread our subscription covers Social, Health & our Education initiatives. But, it’s a team effort.

Every user moves Topicthread one step closer to delivery…

More exciting news from Topicthread? The publications keep growing by Topicthread’s founder with the follow-up to What is Your Game Missing? set for release later this year. If you catch Dr. B on Topicthread just mention the title and you may be in for an added treat!

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