PRESS RELEASE: Dr Berge Targets Zuckerberg


There’s no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most ideological tech-geniuses of our time. Yet, doubt has entered mainstream with user privacy in jeopardy and ‘fake news’ scandals spattering the social giant in all the wrong places. But, with >200,000,000 new users annually, it doesn’t seem like anything is going to change. Off to the side sits Topicthread. Opened earlier this year, and the first of its kind to enter the social networking space, its founder Dr Berge has targeted user privacy…

…something that Zuckerberg has pushed aside, along with its shareholder focus verses Topicthread’s user focus.
Project Hero: an initiative that has committed $100M worldwide to its users by sharing the good news that Topicthread has arrived. A social network that gives back to its users and says thank you, in real dollars. UA2E: a worldwide education initiative set to make education free globally. Health: countering the general health and wellbeing of its users worldwide, with prospects of doing the same with its Health initiatives as with its Education accessibility.

More? No ads. No stream for ‘fake news’. Zero-tolerance policy. Sign up process countering fake profiles. Topicthread is the genuine platform we’ve been anticipating.

Can you imagine a world with free education and health initiatives, all the whilst giving back to its users, opposed to shareholders? Topicthread can and is set to make this a reality — and you can help: awareness is key, and every user counts at Topicthread, whilst helping build a global community that matters.

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