AUSTRALIA: News continues to be shared on Facebook’s role in sharing user data, albeit a lot quieter than twelve months ago. More recently, privacy concerns have been noted but is it enough to start a change? With the GDPR nearing its first year in review, the likes of Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook (among others) don’t seem to have changed, too much, yet for users outside of the EU these regulations were not set up to protect them.

Australia’s New Stance

Quietly in a small coastal town in Australia has been the development of Topicthread – encompassing everything the Media has been calling for – along with Social Media users. More privacy. More controls. Simplified delete user options. No adverts. No spam. Cyber bullying initiatives that actually care about its users. The best part? No region is spared – all users have the same rights. Even more, with Australia’s new stance on privacy and accessibility, Topicthread has not wavered, with the architecture behind Topicthread set to protect Australian’s and users around the globe courtesy of its infrastructure.

14 Months & Crawling

That’s right, with leaps and bounds over the past year, Topicthread is still only crawling with so much more to come. From Health appointments available, to Education offerings, keeping in mind Topicthread’s cyber bullying stance to protect it all-round, if one things for sure, Topicthread isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With no third-party apps integrating with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – or any others for that matter, Topicthread continues to put user privacy first.

Worried about the hundreds, thousands, or for some millions of friends/followers going astray? Taking it back to personal, Topicthread allows users to invite their friends, family, colleagues, fans and all others directly from their profile to ensure user privacy is maintained. Want to search for them? Nope. Topicthread does not allow user profiles to be indexed, aligning with their tight-knit privacy stance.

Termed Myspace on steroids, simplified and refined. Topicthread not only answers what users have been asking for, it also delivers. And quietly in the background, Topicthread just so happens to be the World’s 1st Social Compilation developed by a female at its core.