AUSTRALIA: There are no words to describe the heart-ache felt around the world with the recent event that unfolded in New Zealand. As the Prime Minister noted, that name shan’t be shared. Notoriety shan’t be achieved. At Topicthread, it is embedded into the core of its Terms & Conditions that users along with any content shared that is offensive in any way will be immediately blocked. Indeed, perhaps Topicthread is the first of its kind to also block and ban users openly.

It is Not Your Right

Topicthread is firm in its layout. Likewise, firm in its principles. Users will be banned if they maintain the belief that ‘everyone has a right to express their opinion‘ if that opinion is hateful, derogatory, or extreme. There’s no doubt that Topicthread is not for everyone. However, Topicthread is the only ecosystem built to protect its users. Topicthread puts its users first at the consequence of losing others for the simple reason of building a healthy and clean community — without the harm.

You Will be Blocked

Content shared that is harmful, will be blocked. Users who share content on Topicthread that is equally harmful, will also be blocked. Likewise, without the marketing schemes or advertising firms allowed in, user privacy is long known to come first. Tied to user privacy is their safety and security. If it means blocking users and restricting access, that’s exactly what Topicthread has done. Standing tall with our New Zealand neighbours, Topicthread is Australian at heart and will continue to protect and do its part in building a global community for users to flourish.