The Polls are now Open!

Have you ever wanted an unbiased poll about who’s cooking dinner tonight? Or, a way to see True and False opinions about your favourite trivia? That’s where SPROOKE come in and..

‘Poll Me’ & Quiz Me

Topicthread is only getting started, but we wanted to bring a little trivia back into the mix. Topicthread’s answer in SPROOKE (‘Poll Me’) and Quiz Me is designed for everyone — whether you’re a Topicthreader or not, you can get involved…Pizza Anyone?

At Topicthread we knew Polls and Quizzes online offered something different — a type of user engagement. However, we also knew the risks of data harvesting online through “other” social interfaces that permit advertising, third-party applications, and are not GDPR compliant. Since we didn’t want Topicthreaders to miss out, the Team brought these features to life…

No algorithms, advertising or click-bait to misinform

Topicthread, a social compilation with the architecture to disrupt the future, has added SPROOKE (Poll Me) and Quiz Me to our already multifaceted community. Come and interact with us! But also, Quiz Me, to inform users, too, in a friendly and laid back manner.

Interested? Head over to get involved in SPROOKE or try one of Quizzes now!

That’s all from us this week. Want your friends & colleagues to know about Topicthread & try it with you? Simply share this email, or if you’re a Topicthreader already, you can invite them directly from your profile!